NEW!! Narabeta series ”&”

By mameta, 2019年12月12日

Good evening!

I would like to introduce another new work♪

The name is “&”.

This is the 29th work of the Narabeta series.

Overlaid with old paper, handwritten lines and dots, light green, blue, and red borders

and dot patterns were added, and finally, the “&” character was matched.

I made this masking tape in the hope that the things that you would like to bond together would connect well.
For example, old and new, products, and handmade, someone’s thoughts, favorite things.


The same pattern is repeated about every 22 cm.

I think that the texture of the old paper is well expressed.

So, as you can see in the photo at the top when you make an envelope by hand,

you can fold it around the edge and put it on, and you can enjoy it.


You can buy it at minne.

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