NEW!! okutta series(41)GOOD

By mameta, 2019年12月10日


I was so busy that I couldn’t introduce the new masking tape.

The holidays during the year-end and New Year holidays will be even busier,

but I definitely want to send you the new masking tape! !! !!

I want you to see, touch and enjoy! !! !!

I write it with the feeling that (о´∀`о)


This new masking tape is named “GOOD” and is affixed to the outer box sent in November♪

Some people told me that I was interested.

Next to the check box are nine words with “Good”.

These are “Good friends”, “Good luck”, “Good news”, “Good time”, etc.

Check the check boxes of the words you like,

attach them to gifts, or tear them apart to make collages,

and enjoy various ways to use them.

I would be happy if you could play it anyway♪

The color of the outer frame is navy.

As for the character color, black and red appear alternately.

One segment is 7.5 cm.

You can buy it at minne.

Please click here.

Thank you!