NEW!! Wallpaper ash

By mameta, 2020年4月27日


In the collaboration masking tape introduced yesterday,

Thank you for your access!

I’m so happy that I’m shivering after a long time♪

There is another new work I would like to introduce.

From the wallpaper series, mint, ginger, It is the 4th ash that follows cacao.

That’s ash.

When I’m making this I was making it while thinking that it should burn up to ashes.

The feeling that it might be the last new work is flickering.

As a result, a gray masking tape like burnt dust is born, I was grinning.

I can’t explain the pattern well,

The gray old paper and the tile pattern are fused, and the black letters are piled up.

How should I use it?

I think it would be good for a collage if it is torn down.

I wonder if it will be useful even when combined with a dark color masking tape.

This will also be on sale starting tomorrow around noon with minne.

Thank you!


You can buy it at minne.

Please click here.