NEW!! collabotta▶︎Endlos

By mameta, 2020年4月26日


At last, we will introduce the new work ♪

I’m sorry to have kept you waiting a lot, m(_ _)m

Made by my favorite writer and friend Akko,

This is the third collaboration masterpiece♡

Akko’s collage paper.

I made it smaller and made it a masking tape.

The numbers from 1 to 31 are arranged in that order.

A typewriter-like typeface that looks a bit like the first.

Akko often uses collages with numbers as the motif,

I thought that it would be nice if there was such a masking tape,

Number up to 31! ← Important things here (and the story)

It’s not up to a year, but I think I’ll have it for about 10 months ^ ^

Akko uses my masking tape in a collage, and I use it as a motif to make a masking tape and using that masking tape, Akko collages again.

The collage created by Akko stimulates someone,

Connect to someone’s collage or something.

With the image that the happy continuation continues endlessly,

Numbers lined up from 1 to 31

The same endless series.

From that image, I named the name Endlos.

In German, it means eternity or infinity.

Akko made a calendar with this masking tape,

she posted on Instagram,

It was so nice and my favorite atmosphere,

I desperately tried to imitate it.

It was made differently than I expected,

for example, you can use it like this.

If you want to make a calendar, you can use graph paper to line up the rows easily.

If you cut at the number, the background collage will move little by little, so the same number may not be the same ^o^

Since there is a little space between the numbers, including the characterless zone,

Of course, the notebook is also a point for daily collage and wrapping.

I want you to use it well♡


I hope akko’s masking tape will make your home life more enjoyable and rich.

I hope your everyday life and smile will return as soon as possible.

This mast will go on sale at minne from 12:00 noon on the 28th m(_ _)m



You can buy it at minne.

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