NEW!! orata series (59) chocolate bar

By mameta, 2020年1月3日

Happy new year!

Thank you for this year too♡

Before opening tomorrow, I will introduce another new work.

The 59th product of the Ota series is plate chocolate.

It was made at the request of the customer.

I didn’t think there were so many masking tapes for chocolate, but I thought that it would be better to make it with orata-like characters, so I decided to try it at the end.

I wonder if I’ll be on time for Valentine’s Day~♪

It’s a simple chocolate bar,

Every 20 centimeters, hanging chocolate will appear.

The typeface is Mincho.

The text color is beige.

Of course, characters for Valentine’s day,

As the design seems to be useful as a gift,

“Especially for You”

Recommended for♪

Of course, you can make it without letters, so

In that case, please input that the character is unnecessary.

The orata shop will be open tomorrow from 9am!

Nice to meet you.